Overture Networks targets the mobile backhaul IP/Ethernet evolution

While the migration to all IP/Ethernet wireless backhaul is an ongoing process, Overture Networks believes its UTX8500 Pseudowire Gateway can help both wireless operators and wholesale backhaul providers gracefully make that transition by transporting legacy DS1 services over Ethernet. Overture claims that because it can aggregate traffic from hundreds of cell sites, it can reduce costs by 50 percent.

Although the product debut would have been made more compelling with a customer win, the product could resonate with wireless operators and network wholesalers that currently have to manage multiple T1 circuits backhauling 2G and 3G wireless traffic to Mobile Switching Center (MSC) locations. Instead, the gateway will allow the wireless operator or the wholesale provider to continue delivering TDM-based circuits as needed over a more flexible Ethernet connection.

To better meet the needs of traditional and emerging wireless backhaul wholesale carriers, the UTX8500 includes up to three OC-13 handoffs so a wholesale backhaul provider can provide services to multiple wireless operators. And because the gateway can offer Metro Ethernet Form 18 compliant DS1 over Ethernet services via 1588v2 differential or adaptive mode timing, the service provider does not have to deploy a separate 1588v2 timing server.

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