Overture Networks unveils SDN/NFV architecture

Metro edge vendor Overture Networks has announced its foray into software defined networking (SDN) and network function virtualization (NFV) with the unveiling of its Ensemble Open Service Architecture. The system arrives as numerous vendors in different segments of the networking sector are examining how they can use SDN and network virtualization to help carriers refine different aspects of their network architectures.

Overture said it developed Ensemble in 2012, but the formal announcement comes after many other vendors have already stated their SDN positions. The vendor, of Research Triangle Park, N.C., said it will work on some projects this year with Ensemble, but that it will not be generally available until next year.

Ensemble OSA is aimed at optimizing and automating service creation, activation and assurance processes by unifying connectivity, computing and storage resources in carrier service delivery architecture to help companies streamline operational expenses. Overture said Ensemble uses OpenFlow and other open APIs to help accomplish this.

The architecture is built on three layers: resources; orchestration and control; and network applications. The resources layer is where resource unification occurs, with physical devices such as switches, servers and storage arrays and/or software functions running on virtual machines. The orchestration and control layer features software building block functions for data plane control, resource abstraction and network management that provide the glue connecting the resources to the applications. The network applications layer is where orchestration and control building blocks are leveraged and tied into a service provider's back office systems and those of their business partners to create a service or network function.

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