PAETEC targets mobile enterprise with visual messaging service

PAETEC (Nasdaq: PAET) is tapping into the mobile nature of the enterprise user with its new Visual Messaging service which can integrate with not only an enterprise's existing voice mail system, but also smartphone and tablet devices.

Unlike traditional voicemail systems that require users to remember cumbersome star codes, the new service transcribes the voicemail to text and is displayed on the mobile device.

Compatible with any Android, Apple, and Blackberry platforms and various tablet devices, the Visual Messaging product consolidates all of the user's voice messages, including office and mobile voicemail. From there, the user can review, reply, or forward transcribed messages in the order they want to view them.

At the enterprise, the IT department does not have to do any heavy lifting to add the service as PAETEC's  Visual Messaging software can either by integrated with any Cisco  (Nasdaq: CSCO), Nortel or Avaya enterprise voice mail system or the service can be hosted in a data center inside PAETEC's cloud network.

While PAETEC is known as a wireline-centric provider, new mobility-based services such as Visual Messaging are another differentiating complement it can bring to existing and new multisite business customers that have a large part of their workforce that is not in one office every day.

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