Pew Research: Senior citizens' Internet use continues to grow

Greater numbers of senior citizens are finding the Internet is a useful tool, with over half of Americans 65 and older going online, according to the Pew Research Center.

And while seniors, typically, are not the age group that dominates web use, a recent Pew survey found that as of April, the demographic is becoming a bigger part of the online community.

"After several years of very little growth among this group, these gains are significant," the Pew Internet Project findings said, according to PC Magazine.

About 70 percent of seniors using some element of the Internet every day, with one in three using a social networking site such as Facebook (Nasdaq: FB) to engage with family members and friends.   

Although 81 percent of respondents were accessing the web via a traditional PC, seven in 10 seniors do own a cell phone.

However, not every part of the senior population is interested in the web. Adults ages 76 and older, Pew said, are not interested in using the Internet.

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