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Publisher's Note: Welcome to FierceTelecom!
As you know, America's Network is now part of FierceTelecom. I am thrilled to serve you with the same mission of providing up-to-date telecom news that enhances your success. As a FierceTelecom subscriber, you will now receive a daily intelligence briefing from FierceTelecom in place of the thrice-weekly America's Network newsletter. Our team of editorial experts, led by former Telephony Editor-in-Chief Dan O'Shea, will give you concise briefings on "all you need to know" on the telecom industry, with exclusive commentary on IMS, VoIP, IPTV, and other topics that you won't find anywhere else. Other benefits include:

§  24-7 access to the FierceTelecom website and related features like our job board

§  Access to the entire Fierce family of telecom publications, including FierceWireless, FierceOnlineVideo, FierceIPTV, FierceVoIP, FierceBroadbandWireless and others

§  Being the first to know about new Fierce webinars, networking events, and executive summits.