Qwest adds cloud enhancements to its call center applications

Qwest's On Demand IVR (Interactive Voice Response) service for its iQ Contact Center call center service suite addresses not only the fact that consumers don't like unresponsive IVR systems, but also that companies don't want to invest a lot of money to enhance these systems.

Instead of having to make upfront investments in custom designed IVR systems, Qwest's service is a portal-based application development tool that it claims can enable customers to create and manage automated contact management applications to caller experience, reduce the cost of new and ongoing application development and leveraging business' existing data.

Although the new service includes traditional IVR features such as full interactive voice response, it sweetens the deal with enhanced voice mail, speech recognition, call recording, and reporting and analytics. By leveraging the SaaS model, the service can also integrate a customer's IVRs with other applications such as sales and customer service, and enterprise data to improve the caller experience.

As Eric Bozich, Qwest's vice president of Product Management, describes it, the new service is all about leveraging automation to enhance the customer experience.

"Let's face it; people dislike poorly designed IVR applications," he said. "With Qwest iQ On Demand IVR, businesses can change that experience without investing tens of thousands of dollars--and months of development time."

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