Qwest asks for basic service price hike in Colorado

After 13 years, Qwest is asking for a price hike on no-frills phone service.

Under the rate proposal filed with the Colorado Public Utilities Commission, the cost of a basic phone line would go up by a bit more than $2, from $14.88 to $16.99 per month. In addition, Qwest would like to bump the rate cap - what they can ask for in the future - up to $18.45 per month.

If approved, the rate increase would affect about half of Qwest's Colorado customers: those who have basic phone service without an Internet or satellite TV bundle, or those who do not have add-on services such as call waiting and call forwarding.

Qwest says it needs to raise rates to catch up with increased costs for technicians and maintenance. Of course, there's also the not-so-small matter that the company continues to lose residential and business phone lines, 1.1 million in 2007, to be exact.

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