Qwest favors broadband over 'me-too' TV

Qwest Communications says it believes in video, just not in IPTV. Qwest CTO Pieter Poll tells Telephony that the carrier is not interested in copying what's already available from cable TV or satellite TV companies. Rather, Qwest is interested in being a very capable conduit to video-on-demand and business video applications that can help it differentiate from what other providers are doing.

Some observers might call that the old "dumb pipe" rationalization, but if consumers are complaining about Internet traffic being delayed and studies are predicting a further Internet bandwidth shortage, Qwest might prove to be smarter for focusing on pure bandwidth rather than wasting its own bandwidth on services the other guys already have.

On the other hand, isn't part of the promise of IPTV to offer better TV than the other guys? And the early results from AT&T and Verizon might already be showing that it can be done.

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