Qwest gets sued again over lifetime broadband rates

Once again, Qwest is coming under fire for reneging on its "Price for Life" broadband service guarantee.

Utah resident Rick Grosvenor claims that Qwest raised his broadband fees to $49.99 per month from $31.99 despite signing up for the "Price for Life" broadband service guarantee in 2007. Qwest did provide a consolation prize to Grosvenor by lowering his rate to $36.99, which he continues to protest.

This is not the first time Qwest has come under fire for misleading broadband service campaigns. Last October, residential broadband customers in both Washington state and Minnesota sued Qwest over being charged $200 in termination fees for its "Price for Life" promotion. Under Qwest's current plan, the telco requires a two-year agreement from customers that claim to have never agreed to be part of a long-term contract.

Punishing consumers for early service termination has been an ongoing issue in the wireless industry. The issue has drawn fire from consumer advocacy groups that argue that such practices are anticompetitive because they bind consumers to one carrier.  

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