Qwest lights up IP networks for two Colorado school districts

Qwest (NYSE: Q) continues to find luck in the education segment with the build out of networks for two school districts in its hometown Colorado market.

First up is Cherry Creek School District Number 5 (CCSD). For Cherry Creek, Qwest installed a dedicated fiber network that will interconnect 65 schools and administrative offices, including the district's new Institute of Science and Technology with a 10 Gbps connection.

By leveraging Qwest's GEOMAX service, the district will have one common network to carry its VoIP, video and education applications, while supporting CCSD's Guaranteed & Viable Technology (GVT) initiative that provides technology tools teachers can use for instruction in their classrooms.  

Second in the duo of new education wins, Qwest completed a dedicated 100 Mbps network for Colorado's Jeffco Public Schools. With this network in place, students, facility personnel and administrators in both the schools and administrative offices will be able to access Qwest's Metro Optical Ethernet (QMOE) Ethernet data transport.

Similar to the Cherry Creek network, Jeffco's users will also be able to run their bandwidth-intensive applications such as video streaming across multiple classrooms. In particular, the Jeffco district will be able to put forth a number of e-learning initiatives including online courses, virtual schools, online testing/assessment programs and Internet-based professional development.  

Unlike traditional TDM-based T1 circuits, QMOE will allow Jeffco Public Schools to dial up or dial down bandwidth as needs fluctuate.

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