Qwest proposes broadband funding model to feds

Qwest Communications has joined the call from the telecom industry for broadband stimulus funds from the federal government, and it has suggested a round-about way of doing so-by having the federal government allocate funds to states, which would solicit bids from broadband network operators for further broadband expansion projects. Qwest, in a letter to President-elect Barack Obama's transition team, also suggested that the goal of the program should be to achieve 95 percent coverage of broadband service that is 7 Mbps or faster.

Putting the funds in the hands of the states is a good idea, and might help assure that the money is being spent in the rural areas where the states believe it is most needed, rather than being put directly in the pockets of huge telephone companies (not that Qwest couldn't use a bit if help one way or another). Still, it's likely that the money will still end up there, right? So, you could argue this method just diverts attention away from the obvious. In any case, it's amusing to see companies coming up with all sorts of ideas for improving broadband coverage once the government makes it known that federal funds might be available.

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