RadiSys, Enea chop months off ATCA development

Advanced Telecom Computing Architecture vendor RadiSys and software firm Enea together announced this week a new management solution from Enea that drastically reduces the time and effort it takes for network equipment manufacturers to develop commercial off-the-shelf platforms. With the Enea System Manager, which is designed to work with the RadiSys Promentum ATCA 10G platform, the companies have done much of the integration and modeling work that those large equipment suppliers traditionally have done themselves. It handles configuration, monitoring, control and platform software upgrades for the entire ATCA system, which can save those vendors "up to 54 man-months in development time," said Eric Gregory, ATCA product manager at RadiSys. "We have seen vendors underestimate the amount of development time they need."

Essentially, integration work involving many steps, several engineers and months of work to configure an ATCA system to an equipment vendor's element management system has been consolidated into the single step of integrating the ATCA platform into the existing EMS. "We have seen equipment manufacturers who are ready to move from proprietary systems to a COTS approach, but then they realize that they don't have enough time to do the integration," said Robert Monkman, director of corporate alliances at Enea."They usually end up waiting for another development window to open, but with this solution, they can move more confidently to COTS." The Enea System Manager should be available by the end of this quarter.

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