RadiSys rolls out ATCA single-board computer for 4G, IMS applications

RadiSys has released the Promentum ATCA-4500, a new AdvancedTCA (ATCA) single-board computer with the new Intel Xeon 5500 processor.  The new board has been designed for high performance, a large memory capacity and expansion flexibility.

Optimized for telecom equipment manufacturers (TEMs), the ATCA-4500 is built on the Intel Xeon 5500 processor and can be expected to outperform the previous generation 5400 series by 25 percent. More typically, the 4500 will outclass most typical offerings in the marketplace by a factor of "two to three times," said a RadiSys spokesperson. Using one processor on the board allows the ATCA-4500 to be backwards compatible with 200W ATCA systems.

Building around the Xeon 5500 offers more than a 50 percent increase in performance per watt per dollar over a dual-socket Intel Xenon L5408-based ATCA blade; one less socket, fewer parts, lower cost. The board supports an 8 DIMM array of VLP DDR3 memory and scales up to 64 GB; for less memory-intense applications, lower-density memory can be spread out among the slots. Software support includes Wind River's Carrier Grade Linux platform. The board will also support Red Hat Enterprise Linux 5.0 and MontaVista CGE 4.0 and 5.0 to cover RadiSys' entire customer base. Certification is also planned with VMware ESX 3.5.

Having the ability to access a lot of memory very quickly is a necessity in 4G and IMS applications, said RadiSys's Keate Despain, senior director of product line management. "You need a 10 GBit backplane to support LTE deployments," he said. "It's a pure 10 Gbit blade."

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