RCN Business builds PoP at 325 Hudson meet me room, enhances NYC presence

RCN Business has established a point of presence (PoP) at the 325 Hudson meet me room in New York City, adding another element to scale its presence in the city.

"We pulled our fiber into 325 Hudson and it's a continuing expansion of our network into data centers and this is the next step in that process," said Bruce Abbott, Vice President and General Manager, RCN New York City, in an interview with FierceTelecom. "It affords us an opportunity to offer interconnections into Manhattan and out, which is very important for our customers." 

Similar to other projects it has conducted like the Empire State building, the 325 Hudson site will also leverage dual and diverse entrances into the building to maintain uptime for services provided over its fiber network.

While it has been aggressively rolling out its own network throughout the Northeast regions, including New York, this agreement will provide benefits to both RCN Business and 325 Hudson's customers.

Having a connection into 325 Hudson will give RCN Business' existing and new customers choice from one of the region's top carrier neutral data centers. RCN Business could also potentially attract other customers in the region that were looking for an alternative fiber-centric player.

Likewise, 325 Hudson's customers will be able to connect to other markets served by RCN, including: Boston, Chicago, Lehigh Valley, Philadelphia and Washington, D.C. They could also take advantage of RCN Business' suite of high-speed Internet, Dedicated Internet Access (DIA), Hosted Voice, PRI/SIP Trunks, Video (HDTV) and Ethernet E-Line and E-LAN services.

Abbott said the interconnection at 325 Hudson will provide a number of benefits.

"It's a world class center and the ability to bring in diverse routes into that location was key for us because for some of our customers that would be very important," Abbott said. "The second part of it that swayed us more than anything was the business model in that they will not charge the monthly cross connect fees that the other carrier hotels do." 

Stopping short of naming other specific data center targets, RCN Business will consider interconnecting their fiber facilities into other carrier hotels as customer demands dictate and if the business models make sense. 

"Depending on business models, and more importantly, demand from our customers is there we will continue to expand into those facilities," Abbott said. 

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This article was updated on Oct. 30 with additional information from RCN Business.