RCN Metro dials down network latency for financial houses

In the financial trading world, even just one second of latency could mean a lost sale. RCN Metro is responding to the financial trading industry's need for speed by building a low-latency network ring, which will connect colocation and financial exchanges in New York and New Jersey. According to RCN Metro, the new high capacity network ring will give financial companies low-latency transport with performance-level SLAs that guarantee specific latency levels.

To achieve these low latency goals, RCN Metro is leveraging a RODAM/DWDM-based core infrastructure that will offer 88 40 Gbps channels of capacity when the network is officially activated with future support for 100 Gbps channels. What's more, RCN Metro's ring can contain network traffic within New Jersey or go into New York depending on a financial customer's own exchange connectivity needs. Customers will get a direct connection to many of the top financial exchanges and major colocation facilities, including RCN Metro's new colocation facilities in Newark, NJ and New York in addition to other colocation provider facilities.  

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