Reader faves of 2007 include FiOS, Google

Reader faves of 2007 include FiOS, Google
I'm still going through some of the emails I received from readers talking about their choices for the top telecom stories of 2007, but the most common threads so far include Verizon's ongoing expansion of its FiOS service (curiously several people mentioned FiOS by name, but only one mentioned AT&T's own rapid U-Verse roll-out). Also numerous are the mentions of Google's Android open mobile operating system venture, and Google's ongoing invasion of the telecom industry. It's very clear that how Google fares in the upcoming 700 Mhz auction is on the minds of many readers right now.

Surprisingly, only a couple of you saw the iPhone's emergence as one of the biggest stories of 2007, a happening I myself found too difficult to ignore. We were all much more in synch on the post-consolidation challenges being another of the big stories this year.

Meanwhile, I spent a good part of yesterday lamenting topics I left off my list, like the increasing focus by equipment vendors on the services business. Dan Kelly, executive vice president of global products at Tellabs, was the only reader to put that on his list, noting that you have to offer "top technology plus the ability to squeeze every last dollar out of the existing network." - Dan

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