Readers vote: No telco immunity

Here's the latest and final tally I'll provide on our ongoing poll: After exactly 100 votes, we had 70 against and just 30 in favor of offering telcos retroactive immunity in the federal government domestic spying scandal. Thanks to everyone who voted, and those who also e-mailed me with their comments (even the ones who said I had no business commenting on the issue myself, and those who suggested my own vote in favor immunity proved I'm a shill for the telco industry).

As for the legislative official faced with making the real decision about telco immunity, the Senate Judiciary Committee appears to be leaning against it as well. The two leading members of that committee--Sen. Patrick Leahy (D.-Vt.) and Sen. Arlen Specter (R-Pa.)--acknowledged after seeing initial documents on the program that they remained concerned about the prospect of telco immunity and still need more information.

Except for occasional news updates as this issue works through Congress, we're done with the debate for now and ready to move onto a new one. If you have suggestions for new polls, I'd love to hear them. Meanwhile, look for our next poll to launch Monday at

- Dan