CenturyLink says the FCC should not alter the rules governing the Priority Access Licenses (PALs) that will be issued in the 3.5 GHz wireless spectrum band.

The FCC will hold its $2 billion Connect America Fund Phase II auction this July.

San Jose Mayor Sam Liccardo has left the FCC’s Broadband Development Advisory Committee (BDAC).

AT&T has made a pledge to Congress to develop a so-called internet bill of rights for internet users.

AT&T has asked the FCC to revamp the legacy service retirement approval process.

CenturyLink has reached over 600,000 rural homes and businesses with broadband over the past two years via the CAF-II program.

AT&T has asked the FCC to consider a new One Touch Make Ready process.

A group of 22 states has filed an appeal against the FCC’s decision to overturn the 2015 net neutrality rules.