Reliance Globalcom employs Ciena for 40 Gbps submarine connection

Reliance Globalcom (BSE: RCOM.BO) has found that the best answer to bring a submarine cable linking the UK, Spain, Italy and Egypt to 40 Gbps optical transport lies with Ciena (Nasdaq: CIEN).

Leveraging Ciena's ActivFlex 6500 Packet-Optical Platform, the 6,400 km upgraded cable will add 2.4 Tbps capacity on a route from Europe to the Middle East that transports traffic between the Atlantic crossing and Asia portions of Reliance Globalcom's global submarine network.

This upgrade to 40 Gbps, of course, had to be done without affecting current customers or requiring a major network upgrade costs.

While the focus of this latest deployment was on 40 Gbps transport, Reliance Globalcom clearly has its sights set on eventually migrating to 100 Gbps, a factor it says it can achieve on the same gear when ready.

"By adding Ciena's 40G technology at our terminal stations, we increase our capacity by a factor of four with a clear, in-service path to 100G without disrupting existing customers, re-engineering our network or sending ships out to lay more fibre," said Rory Cole, president and COO of Reliance Globalcom's Carrier and ISP division in a release.

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