Reliance Globalcom lights up new capacity on its FEA/FALCON cable systems

Reliance Globalcom is going to increase the speed of its Flag Europe Asia (FEA) and FALCON undersea cable systems that connect Europe, the Middle East, Asia and Far East.

Set to fuel what the service provider says will be a "bandwidth revolution" on the route, capacity on the FEA and FALCON have been update to over 500 Gbps.

FEA is integrated with the FALCON cable system and interconnects 23 countries.

Rory Cole, the division's COO, said that the upgrade will enable it "to cater to all existing and future bandwidth requirements and technological implementations of our carrier and ISP customers."

This is the latest in a string of upgrades Reliance has made to its key submarine cable routes. In September, Reliance upgraded its submarine cable capacity on two key Asia Pacific routes that span approximately 5,000 kilometers to connect Japan, Taiwan, South Korea and Hong Kong with 40 G coherent technology from Ciena.

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