Report: Telcos looking for their share of VoIP

VoIP traffic has increased 35% in the past year and carriers are continuing to spend money to grab their share of the market, says a new report from iLocus.

Among the iLocus findings:

  • All major European operators--whether wireline or wireless--have a VoIP offering in place.
  • In the U.S., cable companies are leading the deployments. That however is likely to change with the Voice-over-fiber offerings from AT&T (and possibly from Verizon, in the near future).
  • Traditional telecom vendors are starting to develop capability for ad-supported telephony offerings.
  • Two of the biggest trends in VoIP are Voice 2.0 and Mobile VoIP.
  • SIP trunking has gained significant traction over the last 18 months.
  • Bilaterlal peering is driving a lot of switch migration.
  • Among larger/legacy vendors NSN and Huawei are doing well in the NGN voice. European and North American vendors are now able to compete on price and therefore able to compete with Huawei. 

For more:
- Check out the story at iLocus

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