Researchers uncover botnet that resides in broadband routers

If you're a DSL subscriber, be aware that the router or DSL adapter carrying your signal to your PC via the Ethernet wire or over a WiFi connection could include a botnet. According to a group of Czech researchers at Masaryk University and security experts at Brno Military Academy and the Defence Ministry, this particular botnet dubbed "Chuck Norris" can steal everything from bank account data to e-mail.

Similar to the "psyb0t" that emerged in 2009, the "Chuck Norris" botnet attacks devices remotely by guessing default passwords. It can also infect devices based on MIPS chips running Linux. Noting the attacks are currently popping up in Europe, South America and China, Jan Vykopal, head of the security project at Masaryk University, added that certain D-Link Systems devices are also susceptible to the bot.

However, this botnet problem is nothing new since there have been reports of the problem going back to 2007. What is being brought to light is the fact that ISPs have not been proactive in addressing security issues in broadband gateways until a major breach occurs.  

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