Savvis introduces premier service option for its Symphony VPDC cloud service

Savvis is stepping out at this week's VMworld 2011 show in Las Vegas with the Premier service profile for the Savvis Symphony Virtual Private Data Center (VPDC), one of its first new cloud service products since it was acquired by CenturyLink (NYSE: CTL).

Designed as a complement to Symphony VPDC's existing profiles, the Premier profile enables enterprise users to optimize their virtual data center infrastructure in many dimensions, including compute services, bandwidth, storage and security.

What was initially compelling about the Savvis Symphony VPDC when it was introduced last year is that it enables an enterprise to deploy a virtual data center without having to procure, install, configure or manage hardware.

But even with all of these capabilities, the big concern for large enterprises is ensuring security and continuity of operations for its cloud infrastructure. With all of the hype growing around cloud services, the big drive of Premier is to provide assurance that a company's applications will continue to run once they are placed in the cloud.

The service provider achieves this assurance with various attributes, including allocation, provisioning ratios and prioritization, high priority SLAs, priority cloud support, information lifecycle management (ILM), fully managed virtual servers, three-tier private VLANs, and pooled, fixed server load balancers.

Savvis' new cloud service profile also provides new potential revenue benefits to CenturyLink because the service provider will now be able to now cross-sell Savvis' enhanced VPDC cloud product set to its existing customer base and the one it just acquired from Qwest in April.

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