Security guru Schneier leaves BT

Bruce Schneier, a prominent security researcher and BT's CTO of Managed Security Services, is leaving that post after eight years as a "security futurologist," multiple reports have said.

Bruce Schneier

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Schneier gained worldwide attention when he started analyzing NSA surveillance documents released by former NSA contractor and current fugitive Edward Snowden. Among other criticisms, Schneier said that the NSA had actually broken Internet security mechanisms by creating backdoors to systems that others could exploit.

"Government and industry have betrayed the Internet and us," Schneier said in September according to a Network World story. "By subverting the Internet at every level to make it a vast multi-layered and robust surveillance platform, the NSA has undermined a fundamental social contract. I am saddened to say it but the U.S. has proved to be an unethical steward of the Internet."

Schneier's controversial positions led to speculation that BT had relieved him of his duties. The telco, in announcing his departure, referred to him as "a great asset to the company."

Schneier himself was initially vague on his departure, but did say in an e-mail to Ars Technica that it had nothing to do with the NSA.

"No, they weren't happy with me, but they knew I am an independent thinker and they didn't try to muzzle me in any way," Schneier said in the e-mail. "It's just time. I spent seven years at BT and seven years at Counterpane Internet Security before BT bought us. It's past time for something new."

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