Service providers pursue e-billing model

Telephony currently has a series on how telecom service providers are increasingly migrating to paperless billing and electronic payments. Those capabilities are nothing new to most bill-paying consumers and businesses at this point, but the pace of converting telecom customers to paperless billing arguably has proceeded at a slower pace than in other sectors (at least this was the case put forth by electronic billing experts I talked to at last year's Billing & OSS World). The reasons for that may vary from the lack of effort the some telecom companies have put into marketing these capabilities to the monthly variance in telecom service charges that causes many customers to want to inspect bills closely and keep paper copies of them on hand for their own records.

But, several service providers have made strides, among them Verizon Communications and Cox Business (the latter profiled by Telephony this week). With more aggressive moves toward environmentally-friendly business practices, there are getting to be fewer and fewer excuses for telecom service providers to leave lengthy paper trails.

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