Service providers push back on standard may advertise the promise of a common universal standard to accommodate any home wiring technology (powerline, phone lines and coax), but a number of service providers still aren't convinced. Although the service providers protesting want to remain anonymous, service providers that use HomePlugAV and MoCA continue to cite concerns with On the other hand, AT&T and BT said they support the standard.   

But even advocates of are being realistic on forecasting's potential. Service providers using the Home Phoneline Networking Alliance (HomePNA), Multimedia over Coax (MoCA) and HomePlugAV will continue to use those technologies for the foreseeable future.

LightReading reported that one executive at a U.S. service provider leveraging MoCA said the only thing that would drive his company to consider is if the devices reached the same volume and price points as current MoCA-based devices. The executive was also concerned that adopting could drive up the cost of in-home devices such as gateways, routers and other electronic devices connected to a home network.   

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