Sidera Networks enhances off-net capabilities with Global Capacity agreement

Sidera Networks has established an agreement with Global Capacity to use its One Marketplace Access Exchange as a way to augment its off-net network arrangements where it needs to work with partners to augment its own network reach.

While Sidera is a fiber-rich service provider with strong presence in various markets throughout the Northeast, as well as Chicago and into Canada, the reality is that in order to deliver service to larger businesses that have multiple sites they have to often work with other carriers to reach those locations that may be outside their network footprint.

Augmenting its well-established off-net arrangements with other carriers, the One Marketplace Access Exchange will provide Sidera with an automated online pricing platform to order, provision and manage off-net access services. 

"As a facilities-based provider Sidera is focused on driving the utilization of high margin on-net services on their infrastructure, but there are times when they have to go off their network to deliver the service the customer requires," said Jack Lodge, Chief Operating Officer at Global Capacity in an interview with FierceTelecom. "The way they were dealing with off-net requirements today is a manual process where they are throwing bodies at it by dialing for dollars and negotiating MSAs and trying to get rates."

However, Lodge added that downside of the traditional process is that "there's no way through a manual process that you will ensure you have the most competitive market rate."

By working with Global Capacity, Sidera will be able to automate off-net rates they have already negotiated and providing access to competitive suppliers that participate in the One Marketplace program. The competitive advantage to Sidera is that they will be able to more quickly respond to customer requests.

The relationship with Global Capacity will also augment Sidera's on-net wholesale service capabilities by making their services available to other service providers that need off-net capabilities in the One Marketplace system.

In addition to making the automated platform available on the buy and sell side, Global Capacity will do an optimization analysis of Sidera's embedded base of off-net infrastructure to help them find ways to drive costs out of their existing base.

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