SLIDESHOW - Under the rocket of ADTRAN Southern hospitality

Saturn V

Southern hospitality is legendary and the tradition -- nay, core value -- lives on in Huntsville, Alabama.

There are few direct ways to get to the home of ADTRAN and the NASA Marshall Space Flight Center, but if you have the time, the trip is worth taking.

ADTRAN was kind enough to invite a number of the media down to their headquarters and held a welcome reception for them on the first evening at Marshall's visitor's center.

Few sights are as impressive as a carefully restored '60's era Saturn V rocket hanging from the ceiling of its own special building, all the more thilling as to be able to soak it all in while eating a dinner of barbeque and pecan pie.

You can browse the full slide show here at FierceTelecom. Eating a MoonPie while doing so is optional, but recommended.