Sonic touts discounted broadband for DirecTV, Dish subscribers

Sonic.Net, a California-based Internet service provider, has partnered with satellite pay-TV operators Dish Network (NASDAQ: DISH)
and DirecTV to offer a discounted broadband service.

"Members who bundle either DISH or DIRECTV with their Sonic service will receive $10/mo off their Sonic bill, for a full year," said Sonic CEO Dane Jasper in a forum post on DSL Reports.

Sonic offers high-speed broadband of 10 to 50 Mbps downstream to business and residential subscribers at a competitive rate, by accessing copper-based loops to provide Ethernet over Copper. It also upped its fiber game last year when it announced it would bring 1 Gbps FTTH service to six northern California communities, leveraging Adtran's FTTH portfolio, and it has a 500 Mbps offering for small to medium businesses.

Residential subscribers to Dish who take Sonic's broadband service will not only get a $10 monthly discount on Internet service, but also will get a $10 monthly credit for Netflix's subscription streaming service for one year. That promotion is part of Dish's release of its new Hopper 3 DVR, which integrates Netflix streaming.

"The ability to bundle with either DIRECTV or DISH also makes Sonic a really useful resource: by offering both, we can help you understand the pros and cons of DISH versus DIRECTV, and help you select the best fit," Jasper said. "Each service has unique advantages, so you will find it useful to talk to a team that can give you the straight scoop on both."

DirecTV was recently purchased by AT&T (NYSE: T), but integration with AT&T's broadband offerings like U-verse is still an ongoing process. Sonic's discounted broadband offering is likely to attract consumers who want high-speed broadband in areas where U-verse may not yet offer service.

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