Sorting out Nortel's metro Ethernet bidders

Following reports that there may be as many as nine companies vying to acquire Nortel Network's metro Ethernet unit, Light Reading takes a look at who the so far-unnamed bidders might be. LR actually comes up with 11 different possibilities, and the list includes just about every sizable optical and Ethernet vendor that you might consider. I'd personally place a bet on Ericsson or Huawei Technologies, the two companies with the most to gain in terms of geographic connections. The metro Ethernet unit has been on and off the auction block once already without a deal being done, but of course, Nortel is more motivated to sell now.

In other Nortel news, the company suggested it may sell its brand name as part of the unit sales that are part of its planned break-up. The name certainly has value in the industry, and it would be nice--nothing more and nothing less--if it were to hang around, wouldn't it?

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