SP router market slipping, shifting

Fans of our recent service provider edge router coverage (and I use the term "fans" lightly) probably have noticed our failure to comment on a bevy of router market research hitting the wires this week. We missed the boat on that one, so finally, here's to you, Mr. Service-Provider-IP-Core-And-Edge-Market-Watcher:

Dell'Oro Group reported that Cisco Systems still leads the total service provider router market with a 51 percent share to 25 percent for Juniper Networks and much less for a handful of other vendors, including Alcatel-Lucent, Ericsson-Redback and Huawei. Cisco's share reportedly slipped by as much as 6 percent from the second quarter to the third quarter, though revenue recognition timing may have played a bigger role in that drop than anything else. Still, is this the sign of opportunity for the hungering masses?

Perhaps. Though Cisco made a big edge router announcement last month, the No. 2 vendor in that particular segment, Alcatel-Lucent, could be set to make more waves. The Paris-based vendor will be announcing the results of its strategic review tomorrow, so we'll see what kind of importance the company will continue to place on this market opportunity.

Meanwhile, Infonetics Research said the entire switch and router market was down by about 4 percent during the third quarter, and Synergy Research Group also reported seeing shifts similar to those alluded to by Dell-Oro.

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