SPOTLIGHT: AT&T continues to lose wireline and the surprise is…?

A deeper dive into AT&T's third quarter number reveals the company lost 990,000 phone lines, cutting total revenues down 2.2 percent to $17.6 billion. Analysts are making a fuss about it, but should they?

Predictions by Bernstein Research pegged line losses of 10 percent year over year, but access line losses are still accelerating. It's been no big secret for the past year that: 1) Households are ditching phone lines for cellular and/or cable service, and 2) Over the past quarter, consumers have gone into econo-mode and are shedding expenses. 

What is that line? Ah yes, "I'm shocked, shocked to find that..." Me thinks Bernstein needs to update its models more often. Call me when wireline losses level off - that will be news.

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