SPOTLIGHT: Comcast hired seat-fillers for FCC hearing

Maybe Comcast can't be blamed for feeling like everyone from Federal Communications Commission and the Net neutrality crowd is out to get them, and FCC Chairman Kevin Martin was certainly on the attack in this week's Net neutrality hearing at Harvard Law School. But, where Comcast should be calmly explaining network management theory and practice, and should be re-assuring the throngs with pro-consumer attitude, it is instead making itself look foolish.

The company admitted that it hired seat-fillers for the Harvard meeting so that consumer advocates who had been urged to attend wouldn't out-number the Comcast friendlies. This only gives the Net neutrality crowd more ammunition, and helps more people toward the belief that Comcast really is hiding something, and really isn't a friend to consumers.

For more:
- see this Associated Press story at The Los Angeles Times

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