SPOTLIGHT: Comcast lobbies to slow Philadelphia Verizon FiOS

Comcast is lobbying its friends on the Philadelphia City Council to slow and/or derail Verizon's efforts to open the city for FiOS. We don't know if we should feel sympathy or view this as karmic payback.

The hometown cable giant is arguing that Verizon has not promised a complete build-out of its network, nor would it bring price competition to the city. (Hmm, not bring price competition? As compared to no current competition today?) Verizon and sponsoring Councilman Darrell Clark insist that Verizon will eventually cover the entire city.

Councilman Frank Rizzo thinks there's something going on with Verizon's proposal and sees a rush job. Verizon would like to see the City Council pass the bill before its winter break, so it can start a seven-year build out; the deliberative process started in June.

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