SPOTLIGHT: JD Power highlights landline losses to wireless

According to a new survey by J.D. Power and Associates, U.S. citizens continue to dump landline phones for cellular service, with improved user experience helping to fuel the move.

In its 2008 wireless customer satisfaction index, more than one fourth of wireless phone customers reported dumping their landlines to rely exclusively on wireless service. Also following trends, the younger the customer, the more likely they have ditched your landline for an exclusive cellular relationship; nearly 30 percent of the 18-24 set have made the switch, while only 9 percent of subscribers 65 and older have.

Longer cell phone usage also translates into a greater likelihood to abandon landline services. Nineteen percent of customers with three or more years of wireless service have dumped traditional phone service, while only 9 percent of those who have used cell service for 12 months or less have flushed their landline.

J.D. Power and Associates credits improving levels of wireless call quality and performance for driving the move to an all wireless world.

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