SPOTLIGHT: The pull of home networks for telecom

This week Telcordia is pumping not one, but two white papers mapping out what it calls the "intricacies of telecom's newest frontier - the home network." CES, the show of all gizmos consumer, should be happy about the binding of its interests and those of service providers.

Understanding the home network is a big challenge for service providers of all types. If a service doesn't work, the first organization to get the call will typically be the service provider, followed by a call to the equipment manufacturer, and a lot of finger-pointing all around if calls #1 and #2 do not resolve the problem to the end user's satisfaction.

In "Broadband Home Network Infrastructure - Viewing the Future," Telcordia analyzes the importance of a home network infrastructure in the era of high-bandwidth networks and the move from multiple, autonomous home networks to integrated, broadband home networks that support multiple HDTV streams, including voice, video and data.  

The second report, "Enabling and Ensuring QoS in the Future Broadband Home Network," addresses the issues in providing and assuring Quality of Service (QoS) for multimedia services throughout the home network.

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- Telcordia talks up the white papers. Release.

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