Spotlight: Verizon Business' debating service

Verizon Business will provide the communications for the third and final presidential debate on October 15, providing communications links for more than 3,100 media at Hofstra University.  Can we say "nail-biting assignment?"

Services will include everything from basic voice to high-capacity data, Internet access, and broadcast services. With an expected 60 million to 100 million people expected to tune in for the debate, Verizon will have all of its resources brought to bear to insure both televised and streaming media goes out as planned.  

A team of more than 80 Verizon managers and technicians have been working to install "the equivalent" of 950 miles of cable. There will be a "portable mini-central office" to handle call routing for around 1,400 voice grade lines and two diverse gigabit Ethernet circuits will provide Internet access to the media. And 40 video broadcast circuits have been setup for live broadcast capabilities.

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- Verizon Business announces presidential debate support. Article.

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