Spotlight: Yankee Group offers FTTH status report

Telephony has completed a two-part series on a Yankee Group fiber-to-the home status report. FTTH investments are under greater pressure than ever to reap returns as the economy teeters, and the Part 1 story examines how FTTH operators should seriously consider partnering with application specialists in the areas of home energy management, telemedicine and other sectors, rather than trying to develop such services completely on their own.

The Part 2 piece looks at the variety of FTTH regulatory models that exist around the world. While open access models have driven broadband progress and competition in some countries, regulatory uncertainty and indecisiveness rule in countries such as the U.S. It's increasingly clear that FTTH isn't for everyone, but companies waist-deep in network upgrades need to explore new ideas for gaining returns, and regulators need to decide if an open FTTH model might give them a healthier market environment.

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