Spread Networks adds 100G on its Chicago-to-New York route

Spread Networks, a privately owned network provider known for its low latency and dark fiber networks, is adding a 100G flavor to its service portfolio, deploying the technology on its Chicago-to-New York fiber backbone and powering it with ADVA Optical's (XETRA: ADV.DE) FSP 3000 optical hardware.

The high speed service is available to customers using Spread's Ultra-Low-Latency Wavelength Service, its Low-Latency Wavelengths (used for commodity-class trading) and its private dark fiber service, between Chicago and New York City.

100G is a key addition to Spread's available products in the fiercely competitive financial vertical. The technology was integrated into the provider's existing platform--which has a high number of in-service 10G wavelengths already deployed--without service interruption.

"100G waves are coherent detected via transponder enablement with SD FEC (Soft Decision Forward Error Correction)," the company explained in its announcement.

"Our 100G Core technology has been developed for some of the most advanced networks in the world," said Christoph Glingener, CTO at ADVA Optical Networking. "It's been specifically built for customers who need to transport data faster, farther and more securely than ever before. It's something the enterprise community, especially the financial sector has grown to depend on."

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