Spread Networks establishes low-latency presence in Equinix's New York IBX

Spread Networks is bringing its low-latency fiber Metropolitan Dark Fiber Network to Equinix's (Nasdaq: EQIX) New York (NY4) International Business Exchange (IBX) data center in Secaucus, N.J.

Having what it claims is the lowest latency network route between the coveted New York to Chicago financial trading sectors, Spread's new Low Latency Metropolitan Dark Fiber Network complements that route with a managed and secure point-to-point service--a growing requirement of financial trading companies.

Customers that sign up for the new service will get a dedicated fiber pair on the new fiber network that will allow them to light as many wavelengths as they need. They can then use the route for metro-New Jersey-only communications to gain a short path between Carteret and Secaucus or combine with Spread's Chicago to Carteret route to get the shortest route from Chicago to Secaucus.

The advent of Spread's new low latency routes illustrates a growing movement by the financial industry to take latency out of their respective trading routes as they take advantage of new trading algorithms. While speed is certainly important, a single millisecond of latency by some estimates could either mean a financial customer could either make or lose money, so these companies are pushing traditional and upstart carriers like Spread to provide low latency services.   

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