Study: POTS reliability still king

A study released earlier this month by Keynote Systems Competitive Research found that while VoIP audio quality continues to improve, VoIP is still no match for landline service reliability. At least that's what happened when Keynote pitted AT&T landline POTS against VoIP service from major cable TV providers and other telcos, including Verizon.

AT&T landline service earned the highest grade by far in service reliability, followed by VoIP offerings Time Warner Cable Digital Phone and Verizon Voicewing. Comcast Digital Voice was ranked best in audio quality, while AT&T POTS fell to third place in that category. Do the findings help the case for either landline carriers who are still losing lines by the hundreds, or VoIP carriers who are looking to move up another rung on the mainstream market ladder? It's not clear that quality has been a major factor in switching or staying with a service. For many, even VoIP may be an interim stop on the journey to completely cutting the cord for mobile.

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