Study says U.S. needs 1G broadband; FCC commissioner wants broadband czar

The U.S. should shoot for 1 Gbps broadband service by 2015 to be competitive with other countries already rolling out high-speed broadband connections ahead of the U.S., a study from the Baller Herbst Law Group of Washington, D.C. says. The study also calls for the U.S. to create a national broadband strategy targeted at helping states wire underserved areas using grants to providers, funding new broadband competitors and helping communities unite to develop networks.

FCC Commissioner Michael Copps, meanwhile, told a forum a broadband czar should be added to the White House staff to direct U.S. efforts to keep pace and, hopefully, surpass other world players. "Broadband is a revolution," Copps said. "Revolutions have winners, and revolutions have losers." See the story in PC World