SureWest to hunt for acquisitions

Like some other telecom network operators of note, SureWest Communications, the independent telco based in Roseville, Calif., will curb its capital spending on network construction within the next year. However, unlike several other companies, SureWest is not planning to cut jobs and is actually on the hunt for potential acquisitions, planning to use some of the cash it would normally use for its traditionally aggressive network expansion to fund deals instead.

It remains unclear for now what deals are to be had and with whom, but credit SureWest with figuring out how to reallocate staff to would-be contractor duties while also seeing that current market conditions might produce some bargains in the M&A arena. The telco acquired Everest Broadband last year. If the M&A hunt is fruitless, the company said it will return to its usual network expansion pass, so expect it to move quickly and not linger for long at the deal table. Will urgent and assertive moves enable SureWest to out-run the problems slowing down many other service providers these days?

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