Coronavirus causes job security concerns for Cisco, Uber and Intel employees: survey

Blind's survey says employees from Cisco, Uber, Facebook and Expedia are the most concerned about the coronavirus having a negative impact on their total income. (Pixabay)

Expedia, Cisco, Uber and Intel are some of the companies where employees are most concerned about their job security due to the coronavirus outbreak, according to a survey by Blind.

In order to gauge the economic challenges related to the coronavirus' impact on the workforce, Blind asked its members to share their insights related to their job security and total income. Blind is an anonymous professional network with over 3.2 million work-email verified professionals from Amazon, Google, Bloomberg, and Visa.

In terms of job security, 54% of the professionals were concerned about their job security in the face of the coronavirus pandemic. In regards to concerns about total income, 62% said they think their total income will be negatively impacted. Cisco, Uber, Facebook and Expedia employees were the most concerned about their total income being negatively impacted by the economic trends related to the coronavirus outbreak.


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While Blind broke out Expedia, Cisco, Uber and Intel as some of the companies where employees were most concerned about their job security, it didn't say how many employees from those companies took part in the survey. For the job security survey, Blind had 7,078 responses, while 6,276 of its members responded to the total income survey.

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