Survey says: Nvidia, Oracle employees are the most stressed out over Covid-19 pandemic

IBM, VMware and Cisco have some of the best scores in Blind's survey of professionals that are experiencing heightened stress levels during the coronavirus pandemic. (Pixabay)

According to a survey, 100% of Nvidia's employees and 91% of Oracles' are experiencing heightened stress levels related to the Covid-19 pandemic.

In order to gauge the impact of the coronavirus on the telecoms industry, Blind asked its members to share their insights, which included 2,400 respondents, in a survey that ran from September 4 to September 10. Blind is an anonymous professional network with over 3.6 million work-email verified professionals from Amazon, Google, Bloomberg, and Visa, among other companies.

While Blind's results are interesting, the size of the survey, and the length, means the results are more of a quick snapshot rather than carved in stone.

Other companies that were on the upper end for stress during Covid-19 included Salesforce (96%), PayPal (94%) and Adobe (90%.) Google and Microsoft professionals came in at 81% and 82%, respectively.

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On the flip side, IBM (65%) had the lowest number of employees that experienced heightened stress levels while Cisco and VMware both came in at 70%. Intel (73 %) and Amazon (74%) also scored on the lower end. Overall, 78% of the professionals that took part in the survey were experiencing heightened stress levels.

When asked if they were experiencing declines in their productivity, 63% of the respondents concurred. Among the telecommunications companies, 69% of Microsoft's professionals said they had experienced declines in their productivity due to Covid-19. (JUUL employees posted a score of 82% while AirBnB had 80%.)

Lastly, Blind asked how Covid-19 was impacting their sleep, and 48% said they have experienced chronic insomnia since the start of the pandemic. Among the telecommunications vendors, 77% of Salesforce's professionals said they were experiencing chronic insomnia.