Survey: Teleworking pads workers' wallets

It stands to reason that if you work from home instead of traveling to an office located outside the home, you are bound to save money on gas, or at least on whatever public transportation you use to get to work. So, it's not much of a surprise that a recent study found that about 60 percent of white-collar survey respondents said working at home allows them to save at least $25 per month on fuel costs. The U.S. Unified Communications Survey, sponsored by Mitel and conducted by Zoomerang Market Research a couple of months ago, also found that another 25 percent of those surveyed said they save more than $100 per month overall by working at home.

It's an endorsement for workers to want to work at home, though the decision usually isn't up to them. Network World reports that another recent survey showed that 42 percent of companies participating said they offer teleworking programs, compared with about 30 percent last year.

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- Network World covers the surveys

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