Swine flu: Time to telework?

Not to add to the rapidly growing swine flu panic, but maybe it is time to discuss how teleworking/telecommuting strategies can be implemented or expanded to help keep companies running at full strength if the crisis continues to worsen. Both research firm Gartner and the Telework Coalition are saying that the swine flu outbreak, which is occurring at a time of overall heightened economic challenges, highlights the need for companies to have a teleworking strategy in place. Though, the increasing use of mobile capabilities in the workplace may actually alleviate the need for a very formal teleworking strategy.

With several dozen swine flue cases and at least one death reported in the U.S. as of Wednesday morning, do you think it's time to start teleworking?

Interestingly, the Federal Communications Commission last fall held a panel that brought together communications firms to discuss how U.S. companies might respond in the event of a pandemic. Not that the swine flu has reached pandemic proportions... not yet.

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