Swisscom launches ambitious 5-year FTTH plan

Swisscom, Switzerland's incumbent telco, has launched an aggressive five-year plan to bring Fiber to the Home (FTTH) services to Laussane.

In conjunction with its partner Lausanne Industrial Services (SiL), the service provider will extend FTTH service to all of the city's buildings by 2017.

The city will develop a Lausanne-owned company that will oversee the network, with 50 percent of the network being built by Swisscom. Upon completion, the new company will own the new network.

Under the terms of the agreement, the new company will own the network in the Chailly, Ouchy, St. Francois and Vernand districts, while Swisscom will own the network in the Bergieres, Chalet-a-Gobet, Maladiere and Sallaz districts.

Swisscom and SiL will be able to use each other's fiber cables in the districts where they do not own the network for up to 70 years.

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