Is T-Mobile planning another home invasion?

Verizon has the Hub and AT&T has the HomeManager, and both are new efforts by the incumbent telcos to re-invent traditional home phone service. However, before either of these offerings came around, there was T-Mobile USA's @Home Wi-Fi/VoIP-based fixed-mobile converged service, which arrived in the first half of last year from the country's fourth-largest mobile carrier. Now, The New York Times is reporting (in a story that has not been fully confirmed by T-Mobile) that T-Mobile USA is preparing a broader, more aggressive invasion of the home market with new devices, such as a home phone system and a tablet PC based on the Android operating system that the company leveraged in its G1 mobile phone.

It's interesting to see T-Mobile leading the charge to re-invent home communications devices in the U.S., though. With no landline sister firm here, the company obviously has the most to gain and the least to cannibalize.

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- The New York Times has this story

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