Take our wireline telecom innovators quiz

Sean Buckley, FierceTelecomAs FierceTelecom prepares to release a special report later this month on 20 innovators who changed the face of the wireline industry, we're going to test your knowledge of telecom history. As part of our special daily FierceTelecom Quiz on Twitter (that's #FTQuiz), I'll be asking a question related to various innovators.

These 20 innovators changed the wireline industry in many ways, from helping to drive competition developing seemingly simple things we now take for granted, like being able to make a clear voice call.  

To participate in this quiz, you'll need to follow three simple instructions:

1. Go to @FierceTelecom on Twitter for today's quiz question;

2. Follow us on Twitter, if you haven't already; and

3. Submit your answer either by direct message on Twitter, or email me at [email protected] Be sure to include your Twitter handle if you email me directly.

The reward? I'll list the names and/or Twitter handles of the first three participants to answer correctly in the next day's FierceTelecom newsletter. You'll also get that special warm feeling that comes from knowing you're right.

I am looking forward to what should be a fun contest.--Sean